Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Being a student is always challenging. I'm taking up the challenge. 10 months is really tough. I know. But let me try.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unexpected twist in my life

After writing my PG journalism exams, i am not sure about my next plan...I don't had any regret when all my friends got settled in their life with new jobs.....i was happy enough helping my dad in farming..But the day when i came to know that i got the first rank in my course...i could see the disappoinment in my dad's face....It was his dream that i missed in plus two, for 13 marks in my degree and i feel happy as a daughter in fulfilling my dad's ambition at the end of my academic career( even though teching doesnot end with it).....One day i got a phone call from my school mate that she got job in the well known English newspaper Times Of India.I was very happy....and didn't think of the possibility of getting in.....but when she gave me the HR's number i just called up for my dad's sake....mailed my CV, attended a test in Kochi....interview....finally i was disappointed that no positive response was given at the end of the interview....it pains me...unknowingly my mind was set to get a job in TOI...conviced my parents and relatives....but on july 13 i got a call from my HR..... the process was so fast that i couldn't express my happiness.But i could see my perent's happiness throughout the day....Now i am a part of the Times Group....thanks....almighty for his blessings......

Friday, October 28, 2011

My life's turning point

My dreams come true as a lovable daughter, as a student, as a journalist....Now i am working in The Times Of India, Nations leading newspaper.Three months passed away...smoothly .Got recognition from boss...experienced mixed feelings...What should i do next?I am in a state of trance...where shall i start.Reading books,writing,editing.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Survival of the fittest...

For the first time in my life i feel ashamed of myself for being a post Graduation student,as a girl,as a malayalee.Now i am cursing myself for my 35days of internshp making useless without contributing anything to my team.There is no guarantee that you get a warm welcome always.Survival of the fittest Is the theory i learned.those who have the capacity to grab the opportunities they will will be the ultimate winners.

To me newspaper industry is a Roman Collosium where all interns are mere Gladiators who fight amongst themselves,with colleagues for their survival and existence.As a gladiator i failed myself to be fittest to the position.A gladiator has no other option to fight until death.Me as a journalist is a gladiator who is fighting hard for existence.My mission never ends until i taste a success.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2 days more...

The last two days in express office little bit tensed, worried but thinking of my native place makes me happy enough.It is only this internship make me confident enough to go in any part of the world alone and to talk to anyone around me.My next internship will not be like this ,i will be active enough ,if possible i will select the same place.Action should speak louder than words.In my condition neither action nor word speak louder.Any way its only the loneliness inspires me to write in blog.

Monday, June 7, 2010

count down begins!

The last 10 crucial days of my internship.Little nervous,little tensed but whenever i think of my home happiness overflows from my heart.I am going to meet them after a long 35 days.One month all alone in such a big metropolitan city is equal to spending some time in jail.Now i am familiar with all almost all places nearby.I know some popular hotels,schools,gallery's,exhibition centers,malls and so on.Quiet happy with my experience.Any way at some point of time i feel that I'm going to miss Bangalore,my hostel and my daily walk.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

PG Hostels in the Silicon Valley

Vasanth nagar,a place that offers plethora of PG hostels to anyone who is ready to spend around Rs.4000/month.Saraswati Nilayam is one such near express.It is my 20 th day in the PG hostel which is a MiniIndia with Manipuris,kannadigas,teleghugites,konjinis,biharis,and of course malayalees .Jayamma ,Suresh and Raja are the central figures without which the PG inmates can't eat such delicious food.As an Indian its the first time to hear Hindi from 90% of the inmates staying.sorry to India and to the law as i don't know to utter a single sentence in Hindi.To have a building in the IT hub is of course profitable than be a part of an IT firm.If you wish to be an entrepreneur start a PG hostel in the IT Hub.